Sunday, May 19, 2013

Some goings on and some whatsits

We went to Camille's elementary school reunion at Oneness Family School. It was raining, but they still had the moon-bounces up surprisingly.

Kaylee didn't want to go all the way up by herself, then she didn't want to go down by herself because it would have gotten her butt all wet. So she went down on my lap and I got soaked instead x_x

"Umm, I want to go down on the same one with you, but I don't want to get all wet"

She had lots of fun, especially considering that she was mostly dry and I was the soaked one xD.

Cami dressed her and the kids up in matching Tie-dye that her mom made years ago. It's kind of their thing, because a lot of the kids in Cami's old class bought and wore her Tie-dye clothes, and remember them fondly.

Kaylee was the last person in the moon-bounce, everyone else already got out, lol.

Kaylee joined in the hula hoop contest. She developed her own way  of hula hooping by doing a ballet spin and spinning the hoop around her at the same time, it was so adorable. 
They made a circle and had the kids go in one by one to show everyone their hula hoop tricks, and Kaylee went in and did her spin trick. The only issue was getting her to get out of the middle so the next kid could go, lol. 

Pictures at the playground
Cami used to play in this sand box as a little kid.

Cami being a goober xD

more goober-ism

Me and Kaylee stayed up until 11:30 one night playing with legos together, and we made a little space pirate type scenario xD
This is their house-turned-into-a-spaceship that I made them. Complete with a folding cockpit.

Dual props on the back and a door =o (I later added a huge propellar on the back wall and some rocket boosters)


Luke in the cockpit, where he should be

Random little torture chamber

Torture hole, where you can poke the spear through and torture whatever is inside >_>

These are the little guys kaylee made. She did all this herself. She customized them and gave them little vehicles to travel to the treasure chest with

Their mission was to get to the real treasure chest, because we had made a fake decoy one to trick the bad pirates.

One of the brave knights

Me torturing a little disembodied Lego head >_>


  1. Lol omg, I really hope you didn't tell Kaylee you made a torture chamber!

  2. Love all the photos! Those Legos are great. I look forward to playing with those with my son when he is older. :)