Saturday, October 27, 2012

At long last...

My wife, over at the crazy mama's blog, has been asking me to start a blog for some time now.  She says that the Dad's point of view is rarely expressed in blogs, and that it would be a good idea (I just think she really wants to help me design one, she has spent countless hours re-designing hers, and re-designing it, and re-designing it again xD).

Introductions a good point to start at? I've never done a blog before, or documented any part of my life, so you'll have to excuse the fact that it may sound a bit awkward xP.  Anyway, my name's Steven. And if you've read crazy mama's blog you'll already know plenty about our family.  My beautiful wife's name is Camille, and we've been married for going on 5 years in November. (Our new baby girl should be born some time around our Anniversary :)) I'm glad I got married so young, especially to her.  Her cuteness and weirdness (the good kind) fits in with mine perfectly.  And while we've had our differences, I've never regretted marrying her, not once.  One random memory about her: On our way to the hospital to get a check up on kaylee while she was still in Cami's stomach (at 42 weeks) we had a little mishap. The roads were still pretty bad with snow on them, and we were heading over an overpass (which always freeze before the roads do). Well we couldn't see the ice, and we were only going 30 miles per hour, but somehow the Jeep lost control and hit the guardrail. It flipped twice down a hill, and from what I can remember I was freaking out.  But then the weirdest thing happened. AS we were rolling, Camille knew how worried I was and reached over to me and was saying into my ear "Don't worry, it's ok, everything is going to be ok".  She had the piece of mind and calmness to worry about me...and no one has ever done that before. In the face of possible death or at the very least losing our baby (which we didn't, we had kaylee 2 days later in the hospital) she was worried about me, and I'll never forget that <3

 We have an almost 4 year old crazy kid of a daughter that's enjoying life every day.  It's amazing how their imagination has no bounds.  I mean, I still have a pretty creative imagination, but she can be in an empty room and STILL have an adventure!  Watching her grow has been the most enjoyable thing in my life.  I'm 22, and I've been told that having a kid at that age "ruins your life". I've never once felt that way.  Once you see the influence you have in raising this little person from a baby, and how much you can teach them, it's impossible to think that.  It's the most rewarding thing you can imagine. Random memory about Kaylee: Kaylee thinks that I can fix just about anything with my "multitool" (a leatherman I've had strapped to my belt every day for 2 years now). And well...not to brag...but...she's probably right :). Anyway, one day I had taken my friend's computer home to try and fix it for her. Kaylee was about 2 years old at this point. I was sitting on the floor with the computer open and my multitool out. Kaylee was all over my trying to help and fix it with me. I couldn't resist with her being as cute as she was. She takes my multi tool from me and tries to unscrew some screws, and eventually just starts hitting the computer with it xD. But she did do a good job helping me by holding the flashlight while I worked on it. We had so much fun with that simple task. And to this day when one of her toys are broken she still shouts "Daddy get your multitool!"

And our newest addition is baby Brynna.  She's extra special because it's been so hard.  After multiple unexpected miscarriages baby Brynna has  stuck with us until the end.  We can't wait for her to make an appearance (especially my wife at this point!) and Kaylee is super excited also.  I can see it now, those two will have so much fun together!

Random memory about Brynna: Well, we haven't really made any yet! xP But I'm sure I'll remember this pregnancy very well...Camille will make sure of that xD

And finally there are our pets.  There's Molly (the older one on the right) and Aries (on the left).  They are just as much our kids as Brynna and Kaylee are. Camille has had Molly ever since she rescued her from a shelter, and we rescued Aries from going to a kill shelter about a year ago.


  1. :-D. I love your blog title. I wonder what will happen next. I'll be back.

  2. Welcome to Bloggerville. I love the name of your blog.
    Your wife is right, there are not too many male perspectives.

    I am following.
    ~Naila Moon

    PS> A word of advice, turn of the capcha's, it drives people nutty. :)

  3. Feel free to have fun. I nominated you to